Jim Nubiola

Last edition: March 2012.

Hi there!
First of all and truth said: my real name isn't Jim Nubiola. As you can guest for the domain (no worth the money to buy two separate domains...) my real name is Jesus.

- Jesus?
- Yes, Jesus.
- *****, you must be kidding!
- No, it's pretty common from where I come from...
- But Jesus like ...
- Yeah Jesus like... Jesuschrist!
- No way... Hey man! Come here and see this folk's name.
- Holy cow!

Well, that was my evryday-start-conversation when I was down under in Sydney and that's why I decided to change my given name to Jim. The story of the election of my english speaking name is beyond the scope of this website ;)

I am currently working at 'Xarxa Oberta' as Network Operation Center's Manager.

We are creating something big :)
¿How big?
We still don't know.
And we enjoy the process.

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I was born on 19 January 1984 in Barcelona and I weighted 5 kilos. Congrats mum!. My parents tell me that I learnt much earlier to eat than to speak. This is a curious, whereas I maintain love for good cuisine, I am not a guy who likes to keep quiet :)
I went to the school: Institucio La Miranda at Sant Just Desvern, where I made my very best friends that, thanks god, they still are.

I hold a BS in Computer Engineering at La Salle University ( presentation and Thesis -in Catalan- of my final project) and also a MS in Computer Science.
During my degree I specialized in IP networks, working two years as a scholar at networking department of my college and getting some certifications, such as: CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate), CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) and CCNA IFT (Cisco Certified Network Asssociate Instructor Fast Track).
Throughout my last year of college, I worked as an instructor of CCNA at BES La Salle.

When I finished college, I was quiet ashamed of my English level. So I decided to do something crazy and go to Sydney to live an incredible experience and to push my English up to the next level. In Sydney I got CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) and I show to the entire world that I was an incredible artist getting a job as an extra of the Australian Ballet and acting during 3 motnhs every day at the Sydney Opera House.

I have not yet emancipate myself from mental slavery. Sorry Bob.

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